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Original Bank building 1943

Our Story

The Origination of Peoples State Bank


Peoples State Bank is a locally owned community bank founded on May 1, 1943. Three men by the names of Claud H. Gilmer, Lon R. Smart and James (Ike) Miller were determined to establish a bank for our community. They sold shares to 29 citizens and other friends until they raised $30,000 in capital to apply for a state banking charter. On the first day of business deposits received were $100,611.00. Before the year ended, assets were up to $324,000.

 The five original directors were elected on March 5, 1943, and they were Claud H. Gilmer, Jessie T. Evans, L.B. Wardlaw, Tom Dragoo and Ike Miller. Ike Miller was the first Chief Executive Officer beginning in 1943-1971. Tommy Taylor was then elected as CEO and served from 1971-1981.

Since 1981, Charles W. Carson III served as President & CEO and grew the Bank to where is today. In April 2023, Charles stepped down and Steely Ingham was elected President & CEO. Jessie Evans is the Executive Vice President/Cashier. The current board of directors includes Gary Gilmer (Chairman), Claud Gilmer (Vice Chairman), Caroline Harris, Bruce Babb, and Steely J. Ingham.

Over the past decade, Peoples State Bank wished to expand its operations. The directors searched all over Texas for many years, till one day Mr. Carson was driving through Center Point and noticed there was no bank but only an ATM in town, from that very moment he knew Center Point would be the ideal location. The Center Point Branch was officially opened on February 17, 2022. Ben Enriquez was elected by the board to serve as the Branch Manager.    

Today, the bank total assets have grown to $110 million. Our bank serves Edwards County and the surrounding area and offers many different types of loans and deposit accounts. We strive to provide customers with friendly personal service.

Peoples State Bank remains one of the strongest small financial institutions in the area and has kept pace with the growth of Edwards County. We continue to be the folks you can count on.

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